The eminent gathering united in spirit, maintaining the same love and intent on one common purpose stepped into the light on the fifth day to elect delegates for General Chapter 2018. The president explained the Canonical and Congregational procedure of the Society. After spending adequate time in the presence of the Eucharistic Lord, in an absolute democratic environment, the unicameral JMJ electorate of the extraordinary chapter exercised their mandate and elected 8 - members to represent the General chapter 2018. (GC 2018).

The members for First Extraordinary General Chapter- 2018

Ex-Officio: Sr. Regina Mary Chinnappan

Elected Members:

1. Sr. Chandra Thainese 5. Sr. Mercy Geroge Velookkaran
2. Sr. Cletus Manikathuparambil 6. Sr. Showrilu Kommareddy
3. Sr. Gladys Inviolata Savarimuthu 7. Sr. Tresa Kandlakunta
4. Sr. Jaya Ratna Bala Kurra 8. Sr. Vijaya Mary Udumala

The Proxies:

1. Sr. Rosy Kolattukudy
2. Sr. Santha Kumari Putti

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