Rev. Fr. Sebasti L. Raj, SJ said that chapter calls for a living experience of an individual. Therefore our thoughts, reflections, opinions should be highly spiritual. For this, one must have inner strength and right disposition. We are here as a neutral individual and we need to look at the reality of the congregation objectively, hence we need to discern before we decide collectively and individually. We are here to search for God’s will and not for an argument.

We are in a very challenging situation hence we need to look into the implication of creating a new congregation. He challenged the members with his thought provoking questions like, Am I prepared? Is the Province prepared? If we are prepared we need to move forward with courage, hope and trust in God. He also remarked saying that we need to think out of the box in order to understand our mission in a new way. Finally he said that like John the Baptist, Am I ready to say “He must increase and I must decrease?” For this one must empty oneself and ready to become nobody.

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