On 6th November Sr. Showrilu read out the wishes and prayers of sisters from different Provinces and communities for the success of the EPC. Fr. Sebasti L. Raj enthused the members with examples of great personalities from the Bible namely John the Baptist, Abraham, Joseph (OT), Moses, and Saul (NT).

Sr. Regina Mary and Council tabled the Canonical Report of Province for the period of 2011-2016. While acknowledging the mighty hand of God for His abundant grace, she appreciated the combined effort of Provincial Council, Province Advisory Board (PAB), Province Procurator, Superiors, Heads of the department, Coordinators of various sectors and each member of the Province. Though the tabled Canonical Report was by no means an exhaustive essay of our entire mission endeavour, actioned for the last six years, it captured in a nutshell the salient and incremental tacit action that furthered the Spirit and Charisma of JMJ. The President expressed her deep sense of gratitude to God for His tangible presence, wisdom and insights for the leading.

The Provincial Chapter Delegates were divided into five groups to deliberate on possible Future Thrust of the Province while keeping in mind the international character and charism of global JMJ family. The plenary session closed with fruitful discussion and new suggestions for the future thrust of the Province.

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