Mary Queen of Hearts Detail of the Pedagogie Chretienne from 1825.

Rapid strides of JMJ

Very soon the congregation spread out to the whole of the Netherlands to extend services to the education of girls. In course of time, many young, elegant, and enthusiastic candidates joined the Society, and started promoting education and religion in Netherlands. The Society of J.M.J. made rapid strides over the years. Following the principles of her founder, has grown into a grand Banyan tree that spreads itself across Indonesia, India, Africa, Italy and Afghanistan to provide a shelter to the orphans, handicapped, marginalized, aged, HIV/AIDS patients and has a network of schools, colleges, hospitals and social service centres.

JMJ Generalate, The Netherlands

Leadership through the Years

Fr. Mathias Wolff continues to love and live in the hearts and homes of two thousand Sisters all over the world, who have been blessed by the call of God, to continue the mission of CHRIST.

  • Sr. Mathia Stichters (1828-1840)
  • Sr. Clara Lantman (1840 1856)
  • Sr. Adrienne Pijpers (1856 1875)
  • Sr. Seraphine Pullens (1875 - 1907)
  • Sr. Rose De Lima Moors (1907 1915)
  • Sr. Ignatine Stroomberg (1915 1923)
  • Sr. Stanislaus Terwindt (1923 1935)
  • Sr. Cantia Staal (1935 1952)
  • Sr. Daniella Swagemakers (1952 1960)
  • Sr. Maria de Montfort Janssen (1962 1975)
  • Sr. Louise van Laarhoven (1975 1987)
  • Sr. Benedict Melchers (1987 1999)
  • Sr. Cletus Manikathuparambil (1999 2005)
  • Sr. Theresia Supriyati (2005 - 2018 )
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