“A simple gesture of love and a sign of patience are of more value than all the riches of the world. A simple person who loves God above all and leads a deeply spiritual life lives on a far higher level than one who, though he is a great scholar, is not really spiritually alive.”
- Sent by the Lord (P.M. 11)

The spirituality of the Society can be summed up as "The spirit who moved Jesus is the same spirit who moves us". Moved by the same Spirit, Jesus in turn sent the disciples out, to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal. Like the apostles of long ago, so we are sent out to build the Kingdom of God. JMJ sisters should be willing to go wherever obedience calls.

Fr. Mathias Wolff, as son of St. Ignatius, believed in the core of Ignatius Spirituality, “God bestows His Spirit on us. In everything He is near us in love. In everything He works for us. He communicates Himself in it. Therefore learn to find God in everything, love Him in everything and everything in Him. He who wishes to serve God in everything to him everything is prayer – and lived in union with God in and through work”. Hence the whole life of Fr. Mathias Wolff is concerned with the greater honour and glory of God.

Invitation for today and tomorrow

Our Founder gave the Society for its characteristic future an “Ever adaptable apostolic availability”. In that way Fr.Mathias Wolff puts us once and for all in the modern era. A frame of mind opens to change as part of our vocation. Our present documents find their origin in Vat-II. It invites all religious to recognize and to preserve faithfully the spirit of the founder and their objectives together with the sound traditions as these constitute the heritage of each Society.

We are thus invited courageously to proposed anew the initiative living of our founder’s charism and holiness in response to the signs of the times emerging to today’s world. This presupposes that we are continually intent on the Most Holy will of God.

The Society of JMJ exists in the Church for a specific cause and it can be identified by its spirituality and Charism.

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