"Impassioned in God is to be impassioned for people".
St. Joseph's Technical School:
Rev. Sr. Cornelie, Dutch Missionary was the founder and first principal of the St. Joseph's Technical School at Nallapadu in the year 1926 for children who are economically and intellectually and culturally backward. Technical school teaches needle craft, embroidery and tailoring. Every year 20 – 25 children are benefiting from this course.
for small children in the villages. It was started in Kondramutla – A.P. and Trichy – T.N.
Rehabilitation of the Lepers:
In 1978 a project for the rehabilitation of the lepers was started. 35 houses were constructed with the help of Caritas, Holland. Reconstructed by the Soc. of JMJ. These lepers struggling for drinking water was solved with the aid of Bala Vikasa (A voluntary Social Service Organization) who sanctioned a bore well, a motor and a water tank. The Society supports every month for their medical and other essential needs in collaboration with Guntur Diocese.
The JMJ Swadhar project is operated by JMJ Social Service Centre, Nallapadu in Tenali. “A Scheme for Rescue of Victims of Trafficking and Women in Difficult Circumstances”. The ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, with the objective of the scheme to comprehensively rehabilitate widows, victims of trafficking, victims of natural calamities, mentally disordered and destitute women introduced “Swadhar” scheme in 2005. At present we are providing shelter to 102 girls and women who are in difficult circumstances. In addition they are given formal education in Schools, College, Vocational Training in Tailoring, Medical Lab Technology etc.,
Family Apostolate St. Thomas Mount,
JMJ Collaborates with SLF Organization, Netherlands Tsunami Relief Work at Tamil Nadu
Adult Education Mahila Mandals New Bore well - Hand Pump
"The care of the poor and the needy belongs as birth right to every one"
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