The Joy of self-giving - Sr. Kiran Kanthi Baa, Kantabanji, Orissa

It is a pleasure and a privilege for me to write about my vocation. I am Kiran Kanti Baa, was born in a area of green valleys and cool waters on January 28th 1981 as the third child of my parents Mr. William and Rosalia. We are five children. I was born in the state of Orissa, a village called Konmendra, which is very backward area. I belong to a tribal group called (Khadia) my language is (Khadia). Our customs and culture is very traditional and strict, but it doesn’t become a barrier for anybody.

The seed grows …..

The seed of faith was sown in the garden of my family was by my grandfather; his prayerful life was an example for me and for my family. It is true that we, tribals are uneducated of the things which is going around us, it is as equal as a blind person' life; all the things I was seeing from my childhood; I had a dream to do something for this. This made me to think twice. I questioned myself for what I am here. I asked the Lord what I shall do for you. When I was studying X class I met a priest Rev. Fr. Suresh Minz. He came in my life as a light. He spoke about “God's call”. A call from God and a new light arose in my life and in my family as my parents offered me at the service of God. I am very happy that God made me to be his instrument. I thank the Almighty for embracing me as his own daughter, and to the family of JMJ who accepted me as its own family member.

Planted in the garden of JMJ

I joined the Society on 11th February 2002 in Mangalagiri, A.P. South India and made my first profession on 28th January 2005. One year I worked in Anakapalli, A.P. and at present I am in Kantabanji, Orissa a mission station. I am involved in Social apostolate and studying B.A. privately.

My Aim

I want to be a ray of hope to the poor, unwanted, victimised and bring them new life.

"The Joy of self-giving"
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